About Us
Olds Forge Flyers is a non-profit flying club composed of a large and diverse group. Whether you are a student pilot interested in earning a certificate, a current pilot wanting an accessible plane to take your friends and family flying, or even looking to upgrade your ratings, Olds Forge Flyers is able to meet your needs!

Aircraft Rates
Aircraft rates are wet and based on Hobbs time. Current as of 11/12/2014

C-172  $90
PA-28  $105

Membership Fees
Each member is a shareholder of the Flying Club and has an equity share of club assets. Our equity fee for a share in the club is $950, payable in three convenient ways:

Student Pilot Option
1. Initial payment of $200 towards the equity fee
2. After three months, another $300 towards the equity fee
3. After one year, or prior to the student pilot solo flight, whichever occurs first, the remaining $450.

Licensed Pilot New Member
1. Initial payment of $350 towards the equity fee
2. Six montly payments of $100

Payment in Full
Full payment of $950, immediate membership and voting privileges

Additionally, members pay an $100 annual insurance fee to cover the insurance deductible should the need arise, and a monthly $80 membership charge to cover fixed costs. As a rule of thumb, it only takes a little over two hours of flying to come out ahead of rental aircraft in the area, but the ability to fly four seat, Garmin GPS equipped aircraft that are well maintained and only 10 minutes from the Lansing/East Lansing/Michigan State area makes our club incredibly convenient.

Members are covered for $1,000,000.00

Meetings are held the third week of each month, discussing club policies, aircraft status, and other matters. Every member is encouraged to participate and is entitled to vote at general meetings.  Each member has his or her own set of keys for each plane and we are conveniently located at the Lansing Capital City Airport. (LAN)

We schedule our Club aircraft using the Internet-based system Skyscheduler.  Determine the availability of Club aircraft and make reservations in advance.  The system also contain member contact information, including email access as well as announcements, aircraft bulletins and personal reminders of flight physicals, etc. while also providing additional functionality for maintaining club and pilot records. Members can login in at:


You can preview the system at  http://www.skyscheduler.com

An initial checkout by a Club approved instructor is required before flying any club airplane. In addition, an annual check ride is required of all members to remain current in the club airplanes.

You may view the club's charter here.

Membership Application
Our membership application can be found here: PDF and DOC.