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Traverse Bay area during Autumn '06 from Skyhawk N52267
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Archer 6917D's New Interior! (2008)
Considered as a sport, flying possesses attractions which will appeal to many persons with a force beyond that exercised by any of the similar sports, such as boating, cycling, or automobiling.  There is a sense of exhilaration in flying through the free air, an intensity of enjoyment, which possibly may be due to the satisfaction of an inborn longing transmitted to us from the days when our early ancestors gazed wonderingly at the free flight of birds and contrasted it with their own slow and toilsome progress through the unbroken wilderness. . . .

Once above the tree tops, the narrow roads no longer arbitrarily fix the course.  The earth is spread out before the eye with a richness of color and beauty of pattern never imagined by those who have gazed at the landscape edgewise only.  The view of the ordinary traveler is as inadequate as that of an ant crawling over a magnificent rug.  The rich brown of freshly-turn earth, the lighter shades of dry ground, the still lighter browns and yellows of ripening crops, the almost innumerable shades of green produced by grasses and forests, together present a sight whose beauty has been confined to balloonists alone in the past.  With the coming of the flyer, the pleasures of ballooning are joined with those of automobiling to form a supreme combination. -

Wilbur Wright, Scientific American February 1908
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