Membership Rates

Equity Fee                                                                  $950

Monthly Dues                                                              $85

Annual Insurance Fee                                                $100

Aircraft Rates

(Aircraft rates are wet and based on Hobbs time)


Cessna 172  – N52267                                        $90/Hour

Piper Archer   – N6917D                                   $105/Hour




  • Proficiency
    • An initial checkout by a club approved instructor is required before flying any airplane. In addition, an annual check ride is required in a club airplane of all members to remain current.
  • Aircraft Scheduling
    • The club is using the Internet-based system Skyscheduler to check out an airplane and/or instructor. Skyscheduler also contain member contact information, including email access as well as announcements, aircraft bulletins and personal reminders of flight physicals, etc. while also providing additional functionality for maintaining club and pilot records.






  • Each member is a shareholder of the Flying Club and has an equity share of club assets.
  • Licensed Pilots –
    • Full payment of $950 is expected for immediate membership and voting privileges.
  • Associate Member – 
    • Initial payment:   $350.00 toward the equity fee plus monthly dues and pro-rated insurance deductible fee.
    • Monthly:  Six equal payments of $100.00 toward the equity fee.
  • Insurance
    • Members are covered for $1,000,000.00.
    • Members pay an $100 annual insurance fee to cover the insurance deductible.



  • For all options, once the equity fee is paid in full, the member becomes a full voting member with equity invested in the club.


  • Should the club cease operations, full members are entitled to an equal share of the club’s assets divided among all the members in good standing at the time of the club’s dissolution. 


  • The equity fee is non-refundable and non-transferable if membership is terminated at anytime either voluntarily or involuntarily.


  • The board of directors of the Olds Forge Flyers, Inc. may terminate any member at any time for any reason.